We are such creatures of habit. Any little change takes so much effort. At least it is so for me. I don’t agonize but I do fret and hesitate too much over small things. I’m happy to report my hesitation period is shorter and shorter. My finger pushed the UPGRADE bottom on my tapping space and I’ve come into my own. I am now standing tall – onethousandandtwo.com without leaning on .wordpress. However, you can still access my space that way.

Why upgrade? I ran out of media space. I’ve done well on the free plan since 2012. I started with one photo per blog. Then the photos multiplied. I’m a woman who sees life in snapshots and words. They give me much pleasure. The media content grew and grew. I’ve ran out of free space. So here I am today – happy as a clam for pushing that button. Well, not quite that happy after learning I have added space but limited. The before free space counted as a part of upgrade. The space does not renew every year though payment does. There is always a catch, isn’t there? However, there is interactive online help. I will make use of that to learn. Already I’m learning to deal with disappointment and to ask before and not after the fact. But from the tech help, I also learn about Dropbox ,  It probably costs. There are no free rides. Time for a coffee before I can go on.

I’m back from my coffee break and having a peak at dropbox.  I will be patient and take my time. I have trouble with focusing. No need for added stress. I will practice being more judicious with media content here. It’s another learning opportunity. I’m still happy that I’ve pushed UPGRADE. No buyer’s regret.

About hafong

Hello! My name is (Leung) Hafong alias Lily Leung. You always say the last name first….that is the Chinese way. That is my partner lurking behind me. Since this is my blog, I won’t mention his name. But this is a rather cool picture. You see me and yet you don’t…sort of the way I feel about myself most of my life. So this blog is a self-exploration, an archeology dig of some sort. My tools…..words of a thousand or so at a sitting. I will try for that.
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