REST – Day 16 in a year of….

Day 16, August 7, 2016@6:19

I am running a little later today.  My doing different today is listening to the whispers of my body.  I am feeling the fatigue of the fast approaching autumn and shorter days.  So used to doing, doing, doing it is hard to stop.  But then it is equally difficult to keep going. So I stopped and napped, letting go of everything for that time.

IMG_7001Now, I’m here in this space, tap, tapping out my words for the day.  The rice is cooked.  I’m waiting for the beans to casserole.  Everything always takes longer than they say.  Ah, it’s okay.  I got the wine, the keyboard and pesky Sheba to keep me company.  I wish dogs could bark in English.  It’s hard to decipher one bark from another.  I suppose she wants her afternoon walk.  Maybe a few ear rubs will suffice. Change is good for dogs, too.

It was serendipitous that this morning I sat on the mindfulness for depression episode of the Mindfulness Summit 2015.  I paid heed as I am prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I have been lucky these last few years that I have not felt the severe symptoms of the past.  I thank Melli O’Brien and Ruby Wax for their contribution to the mindfulness movement.

My beans are calling me.  I must do the easy and simple and go.  Till tomorrow.


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