IMG_1761April has come and gone – almost in a blink of an eye.  Where has it gone?  I was not finished with Susannah Conway’s April Love.  Life gets in the way at the most inconvenient times, but hasn’t that always been the case?

But I am happy to see May.  It’s a new month, a new beginning.  April love brings May flowers.  It brings new hope, renewed strength, earned wisdom.  Love is a safety net for all that comes our way.  So let them come, whatever may. we are ready for the friendships, goodwill, and love.  They are all welcomed.

Life is also filled with shadows.  They follow the sun through the windows.  They dance on my walls.  They are welcomed, too.  Without them, there will be no dance show for me to watch.  They have something to say to me and it’s good to listen.  They are welcomed.  I am the gatekeeper.  I decide how far they are allowed in.

April Love is gone, but here comes May Hope.  I am thankful for this morning.  I am thankful for this day.  I am thankful I have found some words.  I am thankful I can breathe again.  I am thankful for this life.  I am thankful for God’s strength.


About hafong

Hello! My name is (Leung) Hafong alias Lily Leung. You always say the last name first….that is the Chinese way. That is my partner lurking behind me. Since this is my blog, I won’t mention his name. But this is a rather cool picture. You see me and yet you don’t…sort of the way I feel about myself most of my life. So this blog is a self-exploration, an archeology dig of some sort. My tools…..words of a thousand or so at a sitting. I will try for that.
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4 Responses to THANKFUL

  1. John Coleman says:

    Such a lovely post, Lily. I’ll remember to listen to the shadows. Peace, John

  2. hafong says:

    Thank you, John. It is a beautiful May morning – full of sunshine and shadows.


  3. doreeweller says:

    Wow, I never thought of shadows being like a dance show before. You’re so right. We give light all the love, but shadows deserve some too. Thank you.

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