It’s Friday and time for fiction of 100 words, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

Fred’s tray was full – a Double Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets, double fries, a large root beer. and a free Premium salad with a coupon.  What a yummy deal of a meal!  He can’t wait to bite into it.

Mmmmm!  Looks good, taste great.  What’s this nonsense about McDonald’s meat not fit for humans?  Who is Chef Jamie Oliver?  He should mind his own business.

That kid better stop pounding on that toy piano.  Annoyed, he muttered,  “Chopsticks!  I’ll chop…”

He stopped mid sentence, sweat breaking over his blue face, eyes glazing over while the tinny strain of Chopsticks played on.


image from Google search

image from Google search


About hafong

Hello! My name is (Leung) Hafong alias Lily Leung. You always say the last name first….that is the Chinese way. That is my partner lurking behind me. Since this is my blog, I won’t mention his name. But this is a rather cool picture. You see me and yet you don’t…sort of the way I feel about myself most of my life. So this blog is a self-exploration, an archeology dig of some sort. My tools…..words of a thousand or so at a sitting. I will try for that.
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  1. Suzie Cheel says:

    Here from UBC, Hi Lily, what a fun Friday thing :)N

  2. Fun post, thanks Lily!

  3. Alice Audrey says:

    Sounds like something out of Supersize Me.

  4. so what was it that got him?
    the big mac, the double fries – I bet he choked on a nugget.
    Or did the kid do him in, slamming his piano over the guy’s meathead.

  5. Loved it! Great title!

  6. K.Z. says:

    McDonalds food is really gross, haha but from time to time, i end up cheating and going to the drive-thru for some fries. enjoyed your fun take on the prompt 🙂

  7. Dear Lily,

    Love the connotations of death by Chopsticks LOL. That really is a “meal” to die for. Diabetes, high cholesterol. Heart attack on a bun. Good job.



  8. empeck says:

    Very well done! Makes me glad I only have fast food maybe once or twice a year, if that.

  9. Anita says:

    I love the food but I know I have to restrict for health 🙂

  10. camgal says:

    Clever and legally sound 😀

  11. Indira says:

    Nicely written, enjoyed. Title is great.

  12. Lily, Well written. I doubt very much if the chain sues over each and every person who says or writes something negative. That would bring even more negative press. Darkly humorous and well done. 🙂 —Susan

  13. Poor Fred. He should have listened. No excuses, we all know.
    Good story.

  14. Love the idea of the free premium salad! Almost makes the meal seem healthy. Almost.

  15. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Lily, This is a great story and I can see where a large, starving man sits down to eat and becomes annoyed over something so trivial as chopsticks! Your title says it all and is extremely clever and witty. I LOVE IT! Love it! Nan 🙂

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